Caring for our Elderly & Destitute

Frederic Place Home For the Aged is a haven to the destitute and frail older persons. Help our elders as they did for us.

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Frederic Place is home to 85 Aged and Destitute Residents. 22 of the Residents are cared for holistically in our Frail Care and are totally dependent on Careworkers for eating, bathing and dressing as well as medical attention. We care for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Stroke related disabilities, Diabetes and Diabetes related disabilities of males and females 60 years and older indiscriminate of race, colour or religious faith.


Activities are mostly by choice of the residents, knitting, reading and TV. We have a gardening project and grow some of our own veggies. A group of residents participate in sports and choir competing against the local regions. Wednesdays are shopping and residents are loaded into our vehicle and taken to the local mall. Bi-weekly there is a visit to the hair salon for mobile residents. An all-time favourite is bingo monthly as well as outings and invitations from companies, schools and churches.

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We are in desperate need of all the help we can get. Whether you are an individual or organisation, every little bit can make a difference in the life of those whom society has neglected and forgotten. We welcome any form of donation. You can follow our website on a monthly basis where below you will find what our current needs are. Please spread the word and let others know of our initiatives.


Our Objectives

Frederic Place was founded in 1978 as a project of The Society of St Vincent De Paul (SSVdP) to meet the needs of Elderly and Destitute people in the vicinity. In 2012 Frederic Place officially registered as Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and became independent of SSVdP with a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status and tax exemption. The organisation is officially registered as a residential facility in terms of the Older Persons Act of 2006. The demographic profile of our country is changing and there are now more Aged and Destitute people who need care. Frederic Place, a haven for the Aged and Destitute, is one of the few homes in Johannesburg that provide residential care and aligned services to aged persons who cannot pay for or access essential services.



Brown Sugar

We Serve Tea And Coffee 8 Times A Day

Sugar is a used everyday for multiple meals and beverages.

Soup and Stew

Soup/Mix Seasoning

Dry ingredients to make soup are in high demand during the winter season.

Lentils and Beans

Dry Goods

Dry goods donations will help us through this cold winter. Split peas, mixed soup grains-dry, lentils, soybeans and chickpeas.

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